• "Don't become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin."

    Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936)

  • Research interests

    Social psychology from an evolutionary perspective

    How do we perceive others--what beliefs do we form about the threats and opportunities they pose for us? How do we feel and then act toward these others, based on these threat and opportunity perceptions?

  • Research projects

    Ongoing projects

    Stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination

    How are they related? How can two people hold the same stereotype about a group, but completely opposite prejudices and discriminatory inclinations?

    Affordance testing

    What do we do when we need to find out a person's characteristics but can't observe? We test them.

    Social exclusion

    Why do we exclude others?

  • Collaborations

    Labs and collaborators I work with

    Evolutionary Social Cognition lab

    Steven L. Neuberg, Douglas T. Kenrick


  • Education 

    & experience

    Arizona State University

    M.A. (2018)

    Ph.D. (expected 2021)

    Social Psychology

    Peace Corps | Paraguay

    Technical Trainer (2015)

    Liaison w/ Paraguayan Non-Profit (2013-2014)

    Environmental Conservation Volunteer (2011-2013)

    University of Notre Dame

    B.A. (2007-2011)

    Psychology, Spanish majors

    Ecology focus

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